Yes, this is that "Google" thing

And it's an important way that new people find you

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Website MGT

Social Media MGT

Are your potential customers finding you, or is your site buried deep in the pages of Google, never seeing the light of day?


Your site needs to be optimized if it is to be found by your customers and there are many strategies to getting this accomplished. Let MA Designs help you get found on the web, while increasing the quality of your site.

No customer enjoys watching reruns, why should your customer be any different?


Let MA Designs keep your site current with new posts, images and news.  Lets give your clients a reason to visit you often and see your business grow.

These days, everyone is going social. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...

Is your company being represented or are you leaving your customers out of the PR loop?

Social media is one of the key ways your customers can stay in contact with you. it is more than a onetime profile setup, it is a tool that will help your customers stay with you.  relationships are everything.  With out a strong Social Media presence, your company is loosing customers, and worst yet, negative publicity may keep new customers from ever seeking you out.